Blog posts

It’s official: businesses who use blogs get 7 times more leads than the ones who don’t.

Did you know blogging is an important way to build trust with your audience?

Getting your blog right with quality content and SEO means your content will keep working for you years after you’ve written it. It’s also the best place for you to be transparent about your processes and reveal the personal, human side to your brand.

Within weeks of working together, you’ll have blogs that are:

  • Fully SEO optimised, so people can find your website on Google

  • Based on at least 10 bespoke SEO topic headlines to make your blog relevant and interesting

  • Engaging your readers with two on-brand images per post

  • Well-researched so you look like an expert in your area

  • Easy-to-read and in your brand tone of voice, to keep readers hooked

  • Proof-read and grammatically correct, so you look professional

Prices start at GBP 300 for a 3-post bundle.
Monthly packages available.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to nurture relationships, and prime warm leads (i.e. email subscribers) to buy something from you.

Did you know that people on your email list are 4 times more likely to buy from you than on social media alone?

Why? Because your email list already like you. They already know you and think you can offer them value. And the good news is, email marketing is perfect for personalising the content shown to your audience; making them more likely to connect with and act upon your content; driving trust and sales.

Within weeks of working together, you’ll have emails with:

  • Personalised headlines and preview text crafted to drive action

  • Snappy, logical, easy-to-read structure that captures attention

  • Sensory, emotional and action language (without the sleazy sales tactics) to spur connection and action

  • Relevant links and compelling calls to action

  • Copy in your tone of voice to engage your audience

Prices start at GBP 150 for a 3-email starter bundle.
Monthly packages available.