I help ethical brands grow their presence online with engaging copy and content that helps them reach their goals. I’m also an old soul who lives for coffee and dreams of living simply, minimally and with purpose.

My story is pretty much the classic millennial story. After growing up in the countryside, my life took the same turn as many others of the same age.

Get good grades, get into a good university. Get good grades again, then get straight to work. And for that, London was my city of choice. It felt like home as soon as I set foot in it, and still hasn’t stopped feeling like home.

Marketing geekery

Before I knew it, post-graduation I found myself working in marketing insights, helping create shopper marketing strategies for global household name clients.

I felt super cool with my laptop and headset, talking to clients and colleagues from all over the world. One day I would be creating shopper strategies to help shoppers in Mexico navigate the juices aisle, the next I’d be working on brand messaging for the latest skincare concoctions in China.

It was pretty interesting. I was learning a lot, I was working with world-class experts; and from them is where my present day love for marketing-geekery stemmed from.

A couple of years after moving on and working with award-winning journalists at a heavyweight UK consumer advocacy publication, I found that life in a ‘traditional’ workplace was increasingly starting to feel out of sync with what I wanted from life: more impact, more purpose, less hierarchy and a schedule I controlled.

I always felt like I was meant for something bigger, as cheesy as that sounds. I finally arrived at copywriting after a lot of soul-searching about who I really wanted my skills to serve - and it didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to become a copywriter for ethical brands.

Why? Because I believe ethical consumption is the future; and I love the passion and drive to do things differently with the people behind every ethical brand I’ve worked with. It’s because I believe deeply that we all have a much bigger impact than we think we’re capable of, and because I know that I want to be a part of the solution - not the problem.

Inclusivity for ethical brands

As much I want to help ethical brands grow, there’s no denying that the ethical brand landscape continues to lack diversity. And if this isn’t addressed quickly, it’s going to become a crucial barrier to success for ethical brands.

So as well as my work in copywriting for ethical brands, I also advocate for more inclusive marketing in the ethical consumption space. But not every entrepreneur has the skills or the time to get their passion across in a way that is inclusive, purpose-led and drives sales for their business.

So my goal is to create a framework around inclusive marketing and copywriting for ethical brands. This means creating a step-by-step process that helps writers craft copy that serves everyone; creating a better consumer landscape for marginalised groups, and wider reach for ethical brands.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

They say an about me page is supposed to be more about your customer than you. But there’s a lot more ‘I’s’ on this page that ‘you’s’. Oops…kinda.

Of course, my job is to help you. But personally, I read an About page to get a glimpse of the person behind the sales pitch. I always think yeah, you’ve shown me you can help me. But I want to know how you came to be here today.

Knowing someone’s background, their dreams, where they’re going with it all - it gives you insight into who they are, and that helps you decide whether they’re the kind of person you want to work with. And my ideal client? Well, they’re hopefully a conscious, caring soul who cares about that stuff :)

So I’ve given you a glimpse of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Now, you can tell me where you’re going. The link to contact me is below - so get in touch.