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Hi, I’m Rehnuma.

I research. I think. I write. I build your brand a world using words. 

Creating that ‘trigger’ moment of inspiration in audiences is my mission and my specialism. I know how it felt the moment I was inspired to live minimally, ethically, and when I made the decision to use my work to change the world, through supporting social-purpose businesses.

And through the power of authentic, emotive storytelling, and ethical, inclusive copywriting, my work is to help your brand create that same moment of inspiration in audiences that I know changed my life, and yours too.

I help you connect with your audience authentically and strategically.

Weaving my deep knowledge of behavioural economics, strategic marketing, audience motivation and inclusive social change into my work, I leave growing social purpose brands equipped with the confidence and the online marketing and sales materials they need to run a profitable, impactful business that inspires and resonates with audiences.

Authenticity, inclusivity and transparency are the pillars that underpin everything I do - for myself, and for those my work serves.

Like the business owner who always wants to do the right thing. 
The business owner who cares about money - but much, much more about their impact on people and the planet. 
The business owner who see themselves as part of a bigger picture. 
The business owner who doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. 
The business owner who understands the power of words, and needs a strategic, inclusive approach to their content and copy.

And whether you’re just getting started or already established in your field - if you’re adding positivity into the world then I’ll help you to connect authentically and strategically with your audience.

But don’t just take it from me; take it from my recent clients:

Client love.

“I was so impressed by the quality of Rehnuma’s work. The emotional impact of using Rehnuma in my business has been huge, and I feel so much more confident about posting content because of how purpose-driven, well-researched and well-written it is.”

- Melissa, Virginutty

“From the moment we had our first conversation, I knew our website was in the right hands. With a natural ability to know what works, our website has truly become something we’re proud of and has already increased our customer engagement!”

- Emma, SHED Soy Candles

“I’m literally always smiling from cheek to cheek seeing the social content you share - thank you for your amazing work.”

- Zakat Foundation US

“Rehnuma understood our business needs from the get-go and had the patience of a saint. Not everyone has that creative flair with writing, but Rehnuma really has a true talent in using words to sell.” 

- Nurjan, AWRA London

Are you ready to inspire your audience + create authentic engagement and sales?

If so, tell me about your project today.